My Mind, My Mind, My Mind for a Serotonin Molecule 2.0

Downtown bustles, a flurry of energy and never ending movement. Cars fly by trailing red and yellow streaks of light. The whoops and hollers of drunken joy echo in the crisp night air blending together in discordant harmonies. It all flowed around her like she was a rock in the middle of a fast flowing river. She walked down the street with her hands in the pocket and a hood over her head. She jostled through crowds of people headed towards the lake. The air is crisp and the crescent moon illuminates the cool sand and the crashing water. A single lifeguard chair sits on the beach. She climbs it and sits high above the water and watches the waves crash on the shore. The peaks and troughs foam white and heavy pulled by the moon in in steady rhythm.

Her eyes slowly open. The rising sun is warm on her face. The water is still. Pupils contract and dilate. She walks back through downtown. It’s empty this early in the morning. The drunks are sleeping off hangovers. The only movement in the streets is a few unfortunate souls who are on the morning commute. The bus lines just started running. She hops one and steps through the front door at 5 am. Back to bed.

It’s Sunday morning. Bible on the nightstand.

Opens it and begins to read.

Seeking solace. Empty words and broken promises.

Leap from the pages.

Please. Where is the peace.

She lies in bed staring at the ceiling while hot tears sting her eyes.

Her mouth silently works in prayer. Her arms slightly raised in surrender.

She’s trying.


She’s trying. She doesn’t understand. Knows that everything can’t be understand.

Help please. She raises her hands in surrender and tries to open her heart.

She tries. She’s trying. She will trying.


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