My Mind, My Mind, My Mind for a Serotonin Molecule 3.0

Monday morning and she rides the bus to school. She sits in the back staring absentmindedly out the window as the scenery flies by. It’s raining and the bus of wet sneakers.Students and workers file onto the bus like sardines until that magical stop where everyone gets off. She gets off thanking the bus driver for the ride and wanders towards her class. She sits in the back of the class and starts taking notes. Soon the teacher’s voice becomes a steady drone that plays in the background of her mind. Her classmates melt away slowly and the classroom shimmers and shifts.

She’s gone. Somewhere else.

The days are long. The sky is red.

No the sky is gold with red clouds and a silver moon.

The stars black like obsidian and the sun stands still.

She smiles and the universe lights up like epicenter of a nuclear explosion.

She dances as atoms slowly split in half and split in half again.

She runs into the burning depths of a newborn star.

It sets her soul aflame and she laughs.

She blinks her eyes and comets trail of off her eyelashes.

Drifting off into the cosmos trailing ice and joy

Little does she know

Dark clouds gather, a sinister fog.

Creeping along the edges of the universe.

Devouring and slowly destroying.

Eating the light from the outside inward.

Newborn stars are erased and scream for their mothers.

The comet’s laughter is silenced.

There are no atoms to split and dance in.

Just her at the center and the darkness seeping.

Coming closer.


Calling her name.

Her mind is not her own.

No matter she tries to control it.

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